Why Your Pregnancy Will Be Good For Your Endometriosis

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Women with Endometriosis can get pregnant! Share to Raise Awareness.

So you’ve decided you want to have a baby – but you’re unsure of the effect it will have on your body, especially having the trauma of endometriosis and possibly IVF or surgery behind you. If you are not sure about your pregnancy/ children options please check out my post coming soon. But regardless you are worried about pregnancy and its symptoms affecting your endometriosis.

This post is going to highlight some of the positives that being pregnant has on Endometriosis.

Progesterone prevents the growth of endometriosis – in fact, many birth controls that attempt to treat Endometriosis are progesterone based and this is the predominant hormone produced during pregnancy. Obviously there is some Estrogen being produced also but the main hormone running the show is Progesterone, which actually slows down and can even stop the growth of endo and thus can minimise/ eradicate Endometriosis symptoms during your pregnancy (and also while breastfeeding – but that’s a whole different post!) And while many women find they return post part or post nursing – it is a much-needed break!

Pregnancy increases fertility – As strange as it sounds, being pregnant previously can actually increase your chances of further pregnancies, as previously stated, the hormones involved as well as all the changes your body goes through, can actually increase your chances of falling pregnant a second or even third time – so if you want more then one child this can be a big bonus for you if you are thinking of starting your family.

Minimal / Non-existant Endo symptoms during pregnancy – The obvious statement here is if you don’t get cycles and periods you won’t get symptoms, but for women who live with these symptoms every day – pregnancy can actually give you some form of relief during the period of being pregnant. Now pregnancy has its own challenges (morning sickness was one that killed me during mine and I think my Laparoscopy prior to my pregnancy made that 100x worse) they come with a reward at the end while your body is also reaping the benefits!

Don’t let fear keep you from having the family you want and deserve – it always comes with risks and although there are a few that are associated with Endometriosis, this is not proven and just precaution. Sometimes it’s worth taking the risk to reap the beautiful smiling benefits at the end!

Women with Endometriosis can get pregnant! Share to Raise Awareness.

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