What are the First Symptoms you have noticed? Share it to Raise Awareness!

Hi, my name is Tiffany and I am 35 years old. I am from California. Sunny living? I wouldn’t know because most days I’m riddled with side pain and migraines. I’m 5 years post full hysterectomy and double oophorectomy. My story starts the same as everyone’s, bad cramps heavy flow longer periods, no one believing me. Until I was about 15, I was only having 3-4 periods a year and when I did have one oh boy it was over a month long and I could see all of the cysts that I was passing…

I went to the doctor because I knew that it couldn’t be normal and I have a low pain tolerance. Even though I played 3 sports, I’m a baby when it comes to pain. It kept getting worse and then they said it was bladder issues and I just have bad cramps. All the while I was prescribed pain meds but they wouldn’t do a LAP to confirm. Back then endo was like a made up disease and some doctors would laugh and then tell me I need to learn to cope or assumed it was my mental health in question.

Finally, I laid the story out like this “Hey doc if I was making this up, then why would I be begging you to open me up if I didn’t think you would find anything?” He did the LAP and they told me it was so bad that it had spread everywhere so it all needed to go. If it had been caught earlier maybe I wouldn’t have had to have EVERYTHING removed including both ovaries. The result is being on hormone replacement therapy which my body is rejecting because it was made for older women. I get migraines so bad from the hormones that I vomit which is thinning out my esophagus.

I still have 15 plus years of these hormones so it is not so fun. Plus I was slammed into menopause at age 30 and am having all of the symptoms of that as well. Now we are at the 5 years mark post hysterectomy and I for the past year have been having problems with my bowel and the right side pain is coming back topped with some bad cramping. They think it’s back and in my bowel. When I say they I mean every other doctor then my gynecologist who is the one who has to order the LAP.

Here I am again 10 years flashback to having to convince these doctors that something is not right again. My doctor can’t accept that he did a full hysterectomy on a 30-year-old and that it may have spread so he is rejecting the idea and calling it constipation. I am 35 now, one great son, 3 miscarriages no female organs and now this. Having endometriosis is in its “infancy”, I am so mad at these doctors because they wasted precious years fighting with all these women making us have complexes about people believing our truth.

I know there is probably no chance they are working on the repeat victims like myself. I call myself a victim because I am a victim to a judge 1st test later system that ruined my life making me spend my 20s in doctors’ offices and then told me I didn’t catch it in time and it spread! To all the women out there – stand your ground and you are NOT crazy or babies. You are sick with a disease that you have no control over. I wish you all the best and hope your outcome is different than mine. We all deserve to live a pain-free life.

What are the First Symptoms you have noticed? Share it to Raise Awareness!

 Source: CureUp