Have you ever felt like you are Alone in your Fight against Endo? Show your support by Commenting!

I don’t normally do these posts, but lately, girls have been talking to me about very specific problems that I have gone through for many years now. I only hope this story can help someone, even just one. This is #endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome, this is 48 hospital visits in 4 and a half years, the weeks of bloating, the unbearable – often debilitating pain that sometimes keeps you from working or just wanting to get out of bed in the morning, the miscarriages, painful sex, mood swings, being happy to sliding downhill to full-blown self-loathing. This is two of what could be many more surgeries for two diseases that have no cure. For the girls who have approached me, I used to be embarrassed as well, that no one understood, then what feels like condescending tones from people who don’t understand.

“I get my period too.” “I get cramps.” “My period makes me feel sick too.” Sure, that’s not the same as having the pains we do. I’m not trying to dismiss anyone else’s menstrual situation, but take your pain and times it by 20, to a point you’re hospitalized for it. When the pain meds don’t work, you hope the last surgery would have been the last, or that it will at least give you some relief for hopefully a year. I made it just over a year and a half.

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To the girls who have approached me embarrassed, scared to tell anyone, scared to date, not wanting to be a burden. I’ve thought all these things. But, love yourself, you’re not alone, there is someone out there who will understand, you’re never a burden, the ones who care about you will never judge you, they love you, don’t be afraid to find a Dr and ask for help. It’s shitty and it sucks, but after all, is said and done the best we can do is just live with it. You’re more than your disease and don’t let, boyfriends, friends, family or jobs tell you that you’re being dramatic or that their menstrual cramps once a month are the same as your daily struggle.

You’re strong, keep fighting, 5 years later and I am finally getting it all under control don’t give up, don’t give in, stay strong. If you need a shoulder don’t hesitate. I hope this post inspires many of you who feel embarrassed or ashamed of something you cannot help. ♥️

Have you ever felt like you are Alone in your Fight against Endo? Show your support by Commenting!