8 Products Under $20 that Endo Warriors are Loving in 2019

Endometriosis is painful. It takes over your whole body. It can be the cause of many other problems including depression. Finding relief may not be the goal as much as finding yourself again. Allowing yourself to relax and enjoy life is almost impossible. Let’s take the time to understand our bodies so that we can take a little time to ourselves. We can enjoy some self-care which is why these eight products are so well-loved.

Aroma Therapy Candles

They say your sense of smell is your biggest asset. There are times that your sense of smell could literally save your life. Aromatherapy is often overlooked. Yet, it can be a real asset when it comes to dealing with pain. You can use it gather together your five senses which can help to center you so that you can deal with the pain. You can get them in your favorite scents. You can get them as big or as small as you want. Simply putting it on your desk can help get you through the day.

Diffuser Jewelry

We love our jewelry. From necklaces and bracelets to rings and pendants, you have plenty of options on how you wear your relief. Most of the jewelry come in intricate designs that allow you to pick a design that means something to you. You can put a couple of drops right on the jewelry or inside the insert that comes with it. You can even change the scents as you feel the need to. It makes it easy to take a break when you need to. Imagine being able to stop and enjoy a small moment when you need it.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been around for decades. There are many to choose from. You can try many different options until you find what brings you relief. Massages with lavender oil can help to relax muscles and ease the pain. Breathing in peppermint oil from the diffuser can lift your mood. Cinnamon helps the healing process. No matter how you choose to use it, enjoying essential oil can help to change your mindset and allow you to feel a little bit better about yourself. We all need a little bit of self-care.

Heat Patches

Technology is wonderful. It is taking us to places we never thought possible. One of those wonderful places it takes us is the ability to open a giant bandaid that gets warm. You can get a whole pack and open up an individually wrapped sticker and place it right where it hurts. It gets warm and stays warm for hours. You can feel the pain melting away. For some of our endo warriors, these patches help them to make it all the way through their workday without having to fight through pain med fog.

Hot Tea Sampler

The hot tea sampler packs allow you to take time out of your day and enjoy some quiet. You can try a different flavor everyday until you find the one that works. They say that grounding yourself can help you to deal with the pain. You can use hot tea to ground yourself and redirect your focus. Those five minutes that it takes to refocus can change your entire day. Besides helping you to clear your mind, it can help you to deal with the pain in a healthy way. Getting a tea sampler is an affordable way to help you indulge in a little bit of self-care.

Heat/Cold Therapy Pack

We have already discussed the heat patches – those neat little packages of pain relief. Now we will look at the heat/cold therapy packs. They can look like different things. You might remember the old fashion water bottles, and you could get those, but hot/cold packs have taken on new features. They have some filled with gel beads that you can mold to your body. You can pop them in the microwave or the freezer. They make it easy to take pain relief to the next level. Even the sizes are optional so that you know you are getting just what you need.

Personal Massagers

Personal massagers are an excellent way to relieve some pain. In the past, personal massagers were overwhelming. They didn’t have many options and you never knew if you would find relief or if you were about to induce pain. Nowadays, new styles are simply amazing. You can get them as small as your finger to help pinpoint the pain or as large as a heating pad to relieve your whole abdomen at once. Most of them have a variety of vibration options so that you are in total control of how they make you feel. You can even find some that have the option of heat with the vibration for the ultimate soothing experience.

Self-Acupuncture Sets

When you read the term acupuncture, you are probably thinking long hollow needles. The truth is that acupuncture is used for anything that can manipulate pressure points to cause the desired response. These may be piercing in the right points on the body. It can also mean an awesome set of jewelry that, when worn correctly, add just the right amount of pressure to the right place. From rings that slip-on fingers to belts that fit around the waist, self-acupuncture sets have never been easier to use.

There you have the best of the best products that our endo warriors have recommended for this year. Imagine how a little self-care can go a long way in your daily struggle with endometriosis. Also, use this list to help that loved one in your life realize they are more than just their pain allows them to think they are. Endometriosis is a real condition of affection for billions of women. That doesn’t mean that feeling good can’t help ease symptoms just a little. After all, when it comes to endometriosis, sometimes the best thing we can do is pamper ourselves from time to time.




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