The Standard of Living with Endometriosis Depends on your Wallet

A couple of years ago,the doctor’s diagnosis disclosed that I was at stage 4 of complex endometriosis, and my life has been very much affected since then. But as terrible as it may be to be a sufferer of endometriosis, I still think I’m quite lucky that I can afford to cope with a disease that is so financially strenuous.

Below are some of the ways that endometriosis can adversely affect the financial life of the patient.

You have to quit your full-time job

A lot of ladies suffering from endometriosis find holding down their jobs quite a challenge, talk more of keeping their careers afloat. It would take a very empathetic boss to let you deal with the chronic pains, lengthy recovery periods after surgery, and constant appointments with the doctors. I had to settle for working from home, and this came with a heavy pay slash. Freelancing also means that I am never sure of where the next wage will come from.

Extra treatments become an expensive necessity

At the moment, no cure for endometriosis has been found, and so a lot of sufferers have to opt for alternative treatments in order to handle the disease. Acupunturists, massage therapists, nutritionists, and pain relief medications like CBD are all dreadfully expensive.

Furthermore, endometriosis also considerably affects mental health, and professional help is needed in this regard. Qualitative and effective therapy that is also free or considerably affordable is difficult to come by, even with the free healthcare system we enjoy here in the UK. Either that, or you get added to an endlessly long waiting list.

A better diet means you spend more

The “endo diet” is not atall cheaply priced. Alternatives to gluten and dairy products go for such highprices. Fresh and organic foods are naturally higher priced than theirprocessed counterparts. And it is really no shock that the latter are adjudgednot to be good for those suffering from


In general, I’m quite frugal, but my income is also really low. Thus, I am very careful when it comes to deciding what to spend on. Top priority is relief from pain, but my list is so long this month that I had to sacrifice buying CBD oil in order to meet up, and depend on my TENS machine. My visits to the acupuncturist are also on pause until I get the financial ability to continue with them.

I am grateful to have great friends who drive me to see one of the top specialists on endometriosis in my nation. My friends also visited with me after my surgery and constantly check on me during outbursts. Another thing I’m thankful for is the fact that I reside in a place where basic healthcare can be accessed by everyone for free. What this means is that I don’t have to choose a less expensive surgery. The high cost of excision surgery, for instance, makes a lot of endometriosis sufferers to opt for a less expensive procedure that they can afford, instead of one that is most suitable for the kind of endometriosis they suffer from.

Endometriosis is an expensive illness

I admit that I am sort of privileged, which makes me wonder how people void of such benefits deal with their endometriosis, a disease affecting 1 in every 10 ladies, irrespective of their financial capacity.




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