1. Endo-belly. It’s definitely the first symptom we want to get rid of. It doesn’t feel good having to buy larger clothes and being asked when your due.

2. Back pain. It makes doing anything tough when it incredibly hard and painful in getting around.

3. While this doesn’t happen in everyone it is very traumatic to go through. Imagine having your life planned out and wanting children for years, only to be denied them because of Endometriosis. The emotional pain from this symptom is very high.

4. Painful Sex. Not being able to be as intimate with your partner as you want to can be frustrating to both parties. It can be especially hard because you really want to do it but it hurts so badly that it wipes out any pleasure gained from it.

5. The cramps. Definitely a constant reminder that you have endometriosis. Owning multiple heating pads is probably something every Endo warrior has to deal with to cope with the cramps.