Could CBD Help with Endometriosis?


Endometriosis is a condition that affects females. It is classified as the condition where uterine cells grow outside of the uterus. The pain, bleeding, and symptoms are usually very hard to control. It can completely turn your life upside down. As you struggle to deal with it, it often feels like endometriosis has taken over your entire life. Soon, everything you do is surrounded by trying to control the symptoms. Up until recently, there was very little research to help. It was thought that pregnancy cured it. It was thought that the pain could only be controlled by pain killers. However, we are now learning that there are many unexpected ways to help with symptoms that will not take away the woman’s ability to grow her family as she wishes. 

CBD is showing promising results.

Research surrounding CBD itself has been rolling out pretty swiftly. A lot of people are curious to know how it is going to work across many conditions and diseases. In fact, there are many conditions that were thought to have no cure finding that CBD has been the answer they didn’t know existed. Not only does it seem to be a safer alternative to pain medications, it also shows to be an answer to muscle relaxation as well. When you look at the results of testing in Parkinson’s, migraines, and cancer it is only natural to want to apply it in other areas, including endometriosis. Let’s take a look at how it can help with Endometriosis specifically. 

  • Cell Growth

Endometriosis is the growth of cells outside where it should be. That means that you have uterine cells growing in and around fallopian tubes, ovaries, bladder, bowels, and even into the abdomen. The cells still try to do their job, which means they want to shed once a month as they are meant to. This is painful. It also means that you will have erratic bleeding through out the month. Studies are showing that CBD can help to prevent this growth. This means it could reduce the amount of cells that grow out of place. That alone could reduce the amount of pain that you are in caused by misplaced cells. It would also reduce the bleeding caused by these out of place cells. 

  • Cells Moving

CBD is also showing that it can help your cells stay where they are. That means they aren’t going to move out of place. The implications of that are amazing. You don’t have to worry about cells moving from your uterus to other places on your body. Even better, this means that when you do have surgery to have misplaced cells removed, you don’t have to worry about other cells moving to where you have the removed fun. That means your pain is going be controlled a lot easier to handle. You could control and reverse endometriosis this way. Not only would you not have to worry about break through bleeding, but you have a way to remove the pain once and for all.

  • Preventing Blood Vessel Growth

Being able to prevent your blood vessels from swelling and growing means that you care going to have less break-through bleeding. You can wear your favorite clothes without worry. You will be able to carry the little clutch that doesn’t have room for a ton of sanitary products. You won’t be cramping and constantly expecting your period to start at any given time. You get your life back. You get to live your life the way you want to, pain-free and regular cycles. 

  • Reducing Nerve inflammation

We are back to the pain. You know that with endometriosis pain is part of everything you do. If you don’t want to be in pain, the only option you have is pain killers. Prescription pain medications are a huge epidemic. Abuse and addiction can ruin lives. It can change you and make you unrecognizable to your friends and family. Addiction to pain medications can make it hard to hold a job. It can also destroy your liver. CBD can help to block nerves with means that you have no inflammation of the nerves. Your pain is greatly reduced or eliminated altogether. This can help you to prevent the need for harmful pain medications altogether. 

  • Prostaglandins

Prostaglandins can cause inflammation which can cause the pain. CBD has been shown to block the prostaglandins which can help pain management and to balance the hormones. You are feeling better because your body is working better. Perhaps that is the best thing about how CBD oil works is that you don’t just feel better, you actually are getting better. Your body is working together better. Your body begins to recognize what he needs to do without pain.

  • Your Immune System

The way that your body’s immune system works is completely rehauled. The CBD helps your body to recognize signals that it would usually say is not right. Your body has been fighting the signals and triggering your immunity which makes you tired, sluggish, and simply not feeling well. CBD helps your body to not misread signals and to read the proper signals the right way. You begin to feel better because your immune system is not working overtime trying to fix something that it can’t fix. 

  • Nerve Desensitizing

CBD goes one step further to reduce your pain. You are also going to notice that you are in less pain because your CBD desensitizes your nerves. Your nerves are hyper aware of everything around them. That means that you are in pain due to the slightest brush of your nerves. Now, imagine if your nerves were not so touchy? It means that they aren’t going to flair and cause you pain for no reason. Once your nerves can handle it, your are no longer suffering from things that would normally cause you pain that you don’t have to deal with. Overall, you do better, feel better, and your body reacts better. 

CBD Doses

At this point you may be curious about how to take CBD and what a treatment might look like. First, you may be familiar with vaping. CBD liquid in a vape pen seems to be what more people are reaching for. While this is one way to get CBD in your system, it is not the most positive way. Vaping has many repercussions. For example, it has shown to increase cavities and mouth sores. You may be putting yourself at a higher risk for lung disease. You will have to deal with the smell of the smoke. You may also be missing out on some of the benefits due to the smoke. You will probably have a cough and some chest pain.

By placing drops under your tongue, you get the full benefit of the CBD. Your dosing will depend on your individual needs. You should start with the lowest dose possible. Usually it is suggested that you use 5 drops and work your way up to 25 drops. You should start with only one dose a day and then add more if you need them. Talk to your doctor or distributer to find the perfect dose for you. 

The final way that you could ingest CBD is to eat it. We don’t mean that you eat is straight from the bottle that it is in. Rather, you purchase candies and treats that have CBD oil infused in them. You can usually purchase these wherever you purchase your CBD from. You can find brownies, cake pops, hard candies, fruity chews, and even more with the CBD infused into them. They are usually a little stronger than the standard dose, which means you may only need one per day to get your dose in easily. 

Side Effects

CBD will not get you high. It comes from hemp rather than marijuana. You will not have to worry about walking around in an altered state. Nor will you have to worry about the munchies making you gain weight. The worst symptom that you will deal with is the sleepiness. Usually that does go away once your body adjusts to the CBD being in your system. 


In most states, CBD is completely legal. It does not contain THC which is what causes you to get high in marijuana. You do need to check with the laws in your state to find out what you are allow to have in your possession. You may find that the treats and snacks are not legal or that you can only buy from certain disrupters.

Remember, as with all new products, there is no set way to manufacture it. You need to research your supplier to find out the purity and the process to make sure that you are getting the best quality CBD you can. Not all are pure. Not all are safe. Some are no more than massage oils and should not be ingested. For your safety, research the brand of CBD that you choose to help your Endometriosis.