It’s incredible that one simple sentence can change one’s life forever, but I’ll get to that part later in my story.

Born 1980. Nothing special about my birth, nothing out of the ordinary

Lost my First Tooth 1986

Stung by a bee 1989 (At the time I remember it hurting a lot)

Started High School 1994

Graduated High School 1998.

Diagnosed with Endometriosis 2000, In my Second year of College. I was 20 years old at the time.

I remember first having simple pains in my abdominal area for the previous year or two. I didn’t think much of it as my mother said it was probably just a growing pain. Sometimes the pain was worse before my period which I just considered a part of it.

I continued to live my Life through this pain. Even though it gradually got worst, I continued to think it was just a growing pain or I just had very painful periods. I kept taking my college courses but found myself having a hard time concentrating at times during the month, as the pain was quite distracting.

My grades start taking small hits over these periods. One teacher starting noticing.

She was in her late 50’s from what I could guess and taught a history class. Other students would describe her as quite passionate about the subject and I would have to agree.

A few times I had to miss my morning class with her and I had to sit in on the afternoon class.

I kept slowly deteriorating mentally as the pain never seemed to go fully away at this point.

One day after missing the morning class for the 7th time, my teacher pulled me aside and asked what was going on. She first asked if I was staying up late at night or if there was a family issue. I said no to both and just replied with I was feeling a lot of pain over the last few months.

She grew more concerned at this point and asked if I had seen a Dr. about this. Being a college student I didn’t really visit Doctor office’s and told her as much.

She instantly suggested going down to the student health center. She described how it was practically free and that she had seen far too many college students fail to seek out treatment for whatever was bothering them at the time. This ultimately caused them to receive lower and lower grades and eventually drop out.

I went to the free health center and after talking with the Dr for some time, he had narrowed down the possibilities to one.


And that’s when my life started changing quite quickly for me.


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