Many women around the world deal with Endo-Belly on a monthly basis. As we covered in our previous blog, Endo-belly is when endometriosis implants irritate other organs in the body. When these organs get irritated it causes them to swell and your body bloats. One of these organs it irritates is the Digestive Tract.

What the difference 5 hours can make with Endometriosis

There are actually ways we can help reduce the effects endometriosis has on the Digestive track. This is important for women that start developing symptoms of Endo-Belly after eating.

Here are 2 tips for helping your Digestive System to reduce Endo-Belly:

  1. Slow Down. Some of you probably eat and then immediately go about your daily errands. This is bad for your digestive tract. When your body gets stressed out, it doesn’t function properly. It puts more effort into getting through the next few tasks than it does creating digestive juices that help break down food. You need to give your body some time to create these juices after eating. Our suggestion to do this is just to sit and take a few moments after eating to read or watch tv
  2. Chew More. Believe it or not, chewing has a big effect on the digestive tract. A couple things happen when you chew. First, it masticates the food. This is what the term is called when you break your food down into smaller and smaller bits. Doing this makes your digestive track’s job a lot easier! It no longer has to break down large bits of food, instead, it’s left with easily manageable sizes of food to process. Secondly, when you chew it releases salivary amylase. This is an enzyme that breaks down starches and happens to be the only thing in your body that does this until the food reaches the small intestine. Without this enzyme being produced, it takes awhile for the starches to break down. Lastly, when you chew it releases a chemical signal to your stomach to make more hydrochloric acid. This acid helps break down the foods more in your stomach.

If you start to do both these things, it will put less stress on your digestive tract. This should decrease the likelihood that those organs become stressed out and a cause of your Endo-Belly