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It was a fresh and exciting Saturday, and like all Saturdays, I was hoping it would be an amazing day. All I wanted to do was hang out with my husband and our four cats, and just enjoy a lazy day in before going out to dinner and drinks with close friends. Little did I know that Endometriosis had a big wrench to throw into my humble little plans.

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I woke up and immediately felt as if there was a huge balloon expanding in my stomach. Ah yes, a reminder of Endometriosis, my good friend. I panicked and tried several methods to relieve the intense bloating that can only be the equivalent of the Hindenburg. Chugging water and eating two heads of broccoli did nothing. I tried other methods to no avail.

So, instead of dressing up for a night on the town with my husband and friends, enjoying fancy food and overpriced drinks, I got to wear my lovely lazy pants and my husband’s oversized sweater to hide the fact I was smuggling two watermelons inside my stomach. The night was still fun, mostly due to how great my husband and friends are, but it didn’t go the way I had hoped or imagined.

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In fact, that is how I would sum up living with Endometriosis. Life can still be great, but it will never be how you originally imagined it was going to be. All you can do is adapt and make the best out of a lazy pants situation.

How do you handle your endo belly? Share to show your Support!

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