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I guess I should start at the beginning, well I would if I knew where the beginning of my endometriosis story was – but to tell you the truth from the day I got my first cycle its always been challenging and I wouldn’t know where to start!

So instead I will start at the beginning of my Infertility story.

I have always wanted to be a mum, so around the time when my husband and I got married in 2015, we decided to start trying for a baby. Now to preface this, I had Implanon in from the age of 18 and had it removed Dec 2014. By February I was having regular (what I didn’t know were) endometriosis episodes which left in me hospital with all sorts of diagnosis! Pelvic infection, Polycystic ovaries, bursting cysts, you name it I heard it, so when many Drs said that pregnancy could help with my symptoms we decided why not try now!

Fast forward 13 months, countless hospitalizations, tears, negative tests, 65-day cycles, 21-day cycles and a lot of pain, I went in for my endometriosis laparoscopy and was diagnosed with severe endometriosis which took extensive surgery. I came out of it being told that my fertility was unknown and that I may need IVF to conceive.

Luckily it was the next month we fell pregnant with my son (who is now 9 months!) and we are now trying for our second baby after being advised that the sooner we have our children the better as the Endometriosis can (and most likely will) return and hinder our chances of conceiving.

Thus bringing us to today.

Now that’s a little back story on me, and I have heard countless others just like mine!

If you are interested in hearing my FULL story check out my video HERE.

Before I had fertility issues I never thought I would have any issues fallen pregnant. Most of the women in my family have fallen pregnant at the drop of a hat and I thought I would be no different. But once I started having issues and seeing negative test after test, I was too ashamed to talk about it.

I found that even bringing up the subject to close friends and family (and even Drs) would just get a nonchalant response that it would happen, stop worrying about it, and a quick change of subject. Some people even went as far as to tell me how easy it was for them to fall pregnant or their family member to fall pregnant as if that was going to ease my mind! Often their reaction was very dismissive and it really struck a cord how little people knew about infertility, its effects and how common it actually it is!

So why is it that we can talk sex, drugs, alcohol and everything in between, but infertility is a taboo subject?

I’d never been educated on the high rate of infertility at school or even university. Nobody had ever spoken to me about it, which I think made it all the more traumatizing when it happened to me. And I had never heard of Endometriosis until I was on its doorstep with a broken heart and no answers!

I think we need to make more noise about infertility especially involving endometriosis cases! Raising awareness will hopefully help other women going through this to feel a little less alone and a little more educated on what could be causing not just infertility but painful, heavy and/or irregular periods!

I am now in the midst of trying for baby number 2, going through all the same feelings and disappointment as the first time and keeping my fingers crossed every day for a positive!

I hope my post gave you a little hope or at least to feel like someone is going through this with you!

Let’s make some noise about Endometriosis and infertility – Its something that’s worth it!

What part of your Condition is most difficult for people to understand? Show your support by Commenting!