My Endo Story

So my story dates back to when I was 12. Like any other Tomboy, I was playing computer games, minding my own business. I get this intense, sharp and just unexplainable pain, next thing I feel like I have just peed in my pants. I run to the bathroom to change before I have to explain to my parents why I’m 12 and peeing in my pants. Little to know, I had just started my period.

So I called my mom, in tears, and she sits and explains everything to me and fetches me a pad. An hour later, extremely full and needs to be changed already, so again I ask my mom if it’s normal and her answer was, “yes, this is your first period, your body will start to adjust.” Fast forward 8 days later and finally it slows down and stops on 9 days. I was in bed as often as I could be from the intense pain that I had. I couldn’t walk or move, I constantly felt like I needed to throw up, intense back pain that made me feel paralyzed.

Skip to 3 years later, I finally found the courage to speak to a doctor about this problem, and all she said is everyone is different, you being a bit dramatic about your flow and pain, and gave me a prescription for contraceptives. This never worked, and back and forth to doctors for the next 5 years. I finally saw a gynecologist, who found the endometriosis, did a lap and said it’s gone now, you just need to fall pregnant and it will never return.

Well, it was not my intention to, but a year later I fell pregnant. I had a very rough pregnancy and delivery. 3 months after I had given birth, I had such intense pains again that this time I would drop to my knees and pass out. When I went back to the gyne, low and behold endometriosis is back. I had another laparoscopy. I had an IUD inserted and put on medication, the worst tablets I could have ever taken. The side effects of these tablets landed me in the hospital, I was in and out of the hospital for three weeks.

The doctors and gyne refused to listen to me when I said that it only started since I took these tablets. My husband and mom just couldn’t take it anymore and threw it away. I started getting better, but my pains weren’t.

For the next year, my pain intensity just grew and grew, my pain threshold just kept dropping, how much more can a woman handle? This is not fair to go through all this suffering. No one deserves this. So I finally went to another gyne. November 2019 I had a c-section surgery to burn away the infected tissues. I was also told to go for some injections every 3 months. Well, 1 month after the operation, 2 months after the injection, the pain is back, the side effects are horrible. I suffer migraines my whole life but now they are extreme, and such bad fatigue and still have to deal with all this pain. It’s really tiring.

Will we ever come right? 3 months after the operation and I’m back in the gyne waiting room. Magic wand in and “SURPRISE” your endometriosis is growing back. Now the IUD was removed and been put on other meds again. Now I feel like my bed is my job and best friend. It’s all I want. Pain killers and sleep.

I am 30 now yet I feel like I am 90. I suffer from other things too, so this on top of everything else just really depresses me and tires me out. There are so many of us, sufferers, out there, yet I still feel alone. No one understands how bad it is unless they too are going through this. I wake up miserable and go to bed miserable. I never have the energy for anything. I even lost my job thanks to this disease.




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